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Natural Gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture used as a source of energy for heating, electricity generation and other domestic, industrial purposes. It is also used as a fuel for vehicles and as a chemical feedstock in the manufacture of plastics.


Wells are drilled to extract the gas before it is transferred to a gas processing plant to remove impurities and by-products (NGL). It is then transported through a network of pipelines and delivered to the customer.

Liquefied Natural Gas, which is largely composed of methane (CH4), is a colourless, odourless and non-toxic natural gas, which has been cooled to a temperature of -260˚ degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature it converts into a liquid state making it easier for storage and transport, this process is called liquefaction. In this liquid state, it become 1/600th of its original volume.

BBP works with renowned vessel owners to access modern and reliable LNG fleets having purpose built cryogenic tanks on double-hulled carriers, to safely transport LNG to our clients’ desired LNG terminal/FSRU globally.

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NG IMG.jpg
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